Symphony: A Collection Expressing Pure Emotion

Designs that reflect the beauty of music. Live-performed opera is the most emotionally direct of all art forms. It can make us feel, hear and see the world in a completely different way, as it creates a unique beauty that leaves a mark on the soul.  Opera music can take us through all kinds of […]


Symphony: Revolutionary 4R Technology

Lower environmental impact is an integral part of our surfaces In the pursuit of perfection, Aurea Stone is always looking for new methods to improve the production process. Both as a company and as individuals, we make a true and conscious effort to produce the smallest impact on planet Earth.  We must preserve our home […]

Symphony_AU72006 by Symphony Stone

Symphony: The Ultimate Printed Quartz Surface

Cutting edge technology that revolutionizes the engineered stone market It’s been a long road. The entire Aurea Stone team has worked hard over the last few years, but we have enjoyed every single moment of it. And when you love what you do, time flies. From the very first steps in the creative process to […]